About us

“Art is an expression of human creative skills and imagination and the art of painting potrays the act of creative imagination.”

Mohini Creations aims to bring this color of art to each and everyone’s life. This site caters to art lovers of both contempory and traditional paintings. We provide paintings of variety of kinds including landscape, decoration, tribal, figurative, devotional using oil, acrylic and water colors. We think that when you to consider to decorate your living room you might not prefer to be very minimalistic and also do not want the room to be overfull. The ambience of the room should be relaxing because it reflects your personality as it defines “you”.

Meet our artist

About Artist

Our artist Mohini Gupta is from Hyderabad. Love for expressing her imagination through paints turned into her passion as she grew. She is a self taught artist with an artistic bent of mind from the very childhood and have been fortunate to have an understanding towards colors without any formal education of fine art which she thinks is a divine blessing.

Painting is where she finds herself as the happiest and a source of creative fulfillment. She says,” Painting gives me the peace like meditation”. Her interests include travelling, singing, reading, designing. She runs her own business of exclusive range of ladies fashion wear successfully in New Bowenpally, Secunderabad

Her Vision

“As an artist she feels that every artwork is a wonderful interpretation and has something to convey whatever theme it depicts. It can be a form of nature, human emotions, culture or themes from day to day life. She wants to give wings to imagination through her brush on canvas.”